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Vote 411

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Instructions for Using Vote 411

The League of Women Voters online VOTERS GUIDE is The League of Women Voters Hill Country has offered this opportunity to all local candidates in upcoming elections

Step-by-step Instructions

Go to the website:

Enter your address Then Click on the green box "Get personalized information on candidates and issues". Click "Show My Races" - green box near your address. Choose a party and click "Go to My Races". (You can go back later and change party designation to view the other party.) Choose language and click "Go to My Races". (This is not published in Spanish, at this time.) The next thing that will come up is Vote 411 Voter Guide, see a white box "View My Races". Click on that box to show all races. Scroll to the bottom to see the County Races among the races that will be on your ballot. Then click on the race that you wish to review.